EXB issue 180 March 2019
  • EXB issue 180 March 2019

EXB issue 180 March 2019


On March 29, we may be facing Brexit, but many of Berlin's 18,000 Brits are here to stay. From Gobbers to flautists, preachers to DJs and authors, we've profiled a selection of those you should know about. We've also sussed out the best spots to get decent British food and groceries and revisited one of the city's English literatary hubs and famous Isherwood character Sally Bowles. Also in this issue: Our MärzMusik picks, great but overlooked film releases, private art collections and more!

BIG BRITS Eleven noteworthy Berliners hailing from the UK

KREUZKÖLLN'S LIT COLONY A spotlight on one of Berlin's most happening book hubs

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK Why Brexit is only the beginning

WISHING TO REMAIN Berlin Brits weigh up their options for staying in Berlin

THE REAL SALLY BOWLES A glimpse at the woman behind Christopher Isherwood's most famous character

BITES FOR THE HOMESICK Where to satisfy your British cravings

Also in this issue...

BEST OF (BRITISH) BERLIN Doughie delights, charity shirts, household curiosities and a Pret-volution

MAERZMUSIK Our top picks and a chat with composer Jennifer Walshe

AWARD SEASON'S UNSUNG HEROES Three shamefully overlooked films worth seeing

PRIVATES ON PARADE Privately owned art collections you can go visit

OLIVER FRLJIC The provocative director on his staging of “A Report to an Academy” at Gorki

SAVE BERLIN What happened to British architects experimenting in Berlin?

…And much, much more!