EXB issue 202 March 2021
  • EXB issue 202 March 2021

EXB issue 202 March 2021

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This month, we look at mental health in Berlin. Are the city’s single, lonely millennials the pandemic’s forgotten victims? How are Berlin’s diehard ravers coping without their world-famous scene? From the new wave of psychedelics in therapy to the sad history of Bonnie’s Ranch, we take you inside churches and doctor’s offices to seek out the real stories of mental health in our city.


THE GREAT DEPRESSION – How single expat millennials have been left behind


THE LOCKED DOORS OF BONNIE’S RANCH – The sad history of Berlin’s famous mental hospital


CONVERSION THERAPY – The  fight to ban this primitive practice in the Hauptstadt and beyond.


THE MAD CELLIST – Music meets performance art when David Fernández hits the stage


THE BIG COVID PARTY BREAK – How Berlin’s diehard ravers are coping without the scene 


HOMELESSNESS AND MENTAL HEALTH – The troubling links between sleeping rough and overburdened health services 


A PSYCHEDELIC RENAISSANCE – Is the future of therapy LSD, MDMA and ketamine nasal spray?


POLITICAL NOTEBOOK – As the rent freeze turns one, what’s changed?


BEST OF BERLIN – When culinary appropriation works out


BERLIN BITES – Three new bakeries for premium sourdough bread


BOOKS – A love letter to Berlin, online fiction and a masterful memoir.


…And much, much more!


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