Futurium: Our Democracy – 10 Encounters
  • Futurium: Our Democracy – 10 Encounters

Futurium: Our Democracy – 10 Encounters


Between crisis mode and a spirit of renewal: where is democracy heading?

The challenges facing the political system in Germany to find the right answers in the future may never have been greater.

The Futurium, the House of Futures in Berlin, is focusing on the futures of democracy in its new special issue. It is about democracy in progress: what experiences do people in Germany have with this democracy, how do they advocate for participation and involvement, what wishes and desires do they have?

For example, we meet a city school spokesperson in Frankfurt/Main, a blind musician in Berlin, a former civil rights activist from East Germany in Leipzig, a local politician from Cameroon in a village near Munich, and a young Muslim woman in Mönchengladbach who is committed to diversity.

A journey through the republic in ten encounters.

From person to person.

This special issue is also available in German.
84 pages