EXB Ausgabe 205 Juni 2021
  • EXB Ausgabe 205 Juni 2021

EXB Ausgabe 205 Juni 2021

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From test-driving delivery gigs to scoring work with corona and delving into the Nazi history of modern management, it’s all in a day’s work for Exberliner. Our latest issue explores jobs and jobbing in the city. 


FREE TO OBEY – A historian explains how an SS Oberführer shaped modern management

THE CORONA GIG – A new job market grows out of testing and vaccinating – but how long will it last?

COVID CAREER SHIFTS – Four hustlers find themselves at a professional crossroads

SECURE IN THE SADDLE – Exberliner takes delivery app employers on a test drive

“I’M A RIDER MYSELF!” – Gorillas start-up founder Kağan Sümer on how it all began

COWORKING GOES CORPORATE – How big brands are warming to the idea of sharing an office

THE HOMEOFFICE DEBATE – As the novelty wears off, we hear four different takes on working from home 

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK – Business as usual with Israel

BEST OF BERLIN – A fashion Plattenbau, wine in a can and home-cooked grub to order

BOOKS – The absurdity of Heimat, East German diaries and paperback picks

BERLIN BITES – Four puffy-crusted gems of the pizza-demic

SHORT ESCAPES – Venturing out to the sandy shores of the Müritz