Zille adaptation by Mawil
  • Zille adaptation by Mawil

Zille adaptation by Mawil

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Screen print edition from tipBerlin

Heinrich Zille is the grand master of Berlin drawing - his "Milljöh" is legendary.

The contemporary comic artist Mawil has reinterpreted Zille's work “Beach at Wannsee” (1912) and has drawn a bridge between Zille's time and the present: "Under the keyword 'Zille' in my head was always stored this crowded picture of the Wannsee beach, because so many characters were crammed in, yet each was still individual. I cheekily relocated the location to the Plötzensee beach (...) and (...) looked at what today's hooligans, moms, kids, and teenagers in Berlin look like and how can I fit as much of them in as possible."

This screen print can also be purchased as part of the Zille collection.
Size: 30 x 40 cm
Limited edition: 199 copies
Price: 40 euros, signed and numbered
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