EXB Ausgabe 133 Dezember 2014
  • EXB Ausgabe 133 Dezember 2014

EXB Ausgabe 133 Dezember 2014

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Inside this month's issue: Islam in Berlin! Beyond the ISIS fear-mongering and 'uncomfortable truths' presented in the mainstream media, we take a balanced look at the city's Muslim community and the issues it's facing today.

SEARCHING FOR RADICALS Who are Berlin's ISIS recruits? We go looking for answers... and find only 'Salafists'.

GERMANY'S GANGSTA JIHADIST From posturing Kreuzberger to ISIS beheader: What happened to Deso Dogg?

OPTING FOR ALLAH Why convert? For these four Berlin Muslims, it just made sense.

VEILED TRUTHS To cover or not to cover? Nine years after the 'neutrality law' banning headscarves for public employees, Germany's hijab debate is far from over.

THE KURDISH RESISTANCE Members of Germany's Kurdish community are fighting their own war against ISIS: both in Syria and at home.

MY LITTLE BROTHER, THE MUSLIM What happens when family members convert?

BIG BROTHER'S NOT WATCHING YOU Berlin's HEROES try to make thinking feminists out of Muslim boys.

HIPPY MUSLIMS Away from headlines about extremists, Sufis live out another, groovier side of Islam.

OUR GUIDE TO MUSLIM BERLIN Burqinis, Mecca travel packages, poetry slams and more!

Also in this issue:

BEST OF BERLIN From Aldi action figures to club stench preserved in a glass necklace, a Christmas wish list of Berlin gifts

BERLIN BITES MJ's Foodshop and five places to eat halal.

JOANNA HOGG Exhibition, the surreal new drama from the British director, officially starts Dec 11, but you can catch the German premiere on Dec 6 at Around the Word in 14 Films' British Film Night!

LITTLE DRAGON The honorary Gorillaz and Grey's Anatomy beneficiaries bring new album Nabuma Rubberband to Astra on Mon, Dec 8 – if they don't leave anyone behind at the border.

SITUATION ROOMS Rimini Protokoll's highly anticipated 'live-action multi-player video piece' finally comes to Berlin on December 14 as part of HAU's Waffenlounge series.

LUCAS ARRUDA Is the 39-year-old Brazilian painter the next big thing in the art world? Check out his diminutive desert landscapes at Veneklasen/Werner and judge for yourself.

Plus all the latest in film, music, art, stage, events, fashion and much more!

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